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TIS Seasonal Cocktails

Sorrel Cocktail

TIS Sorrel Cocktail

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Sorrel Cocktail

TIS Mojito Cocktail

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Sorrel Cocktail

TIS Punch De Creme Cocktail

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TIS Cocktails

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TIS Peach Cocktail
TIS Passion Fruit Cocktail
TIS Wine Cocktail Cocktail
TIS Pina Colada Cocktail
TIS Mango Cocktail Cocktail
TIS Tropical Punch

Life isn’t always about Cocktails
… but it should be!!

Why choose us

What makes us different


First Class CockTails

Tis cocktails provides a first-class, restaurant quality, blended beverage; made with real fruit extract that’s guaranteed to deliver a fresh and consistent taste with every sip.


Perfect Balance

Unlike many rum punches, TIS Cocktails prides itself of being an Actual Cocktail with just the right amount of alcohol content delicately balanced to inspire those youthful YOLO moments across all audiences.


Affordably Priced

As the product is crafted for wide demographic, pricing is crucial. As such, giving the quality of these artisan blends, customers get a bang for their buck.


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