Our Story

In 2012, having travelled in pursuit of the next dragon boat event to compete in, Raphael was inspired with an idea that he knew would be a perfect fit for Trinidad and Tobago.  The sunny weather, numerous festivities and laid back vibe of the people, would be greatly complemented with an icey treat.

With an idea in hand, and partnerships formed; Raphael, Kareem and Haniel, started laying the foundation to drive Tropical Island Slush to become the number one slushy drinks service in the island. Due to our mobility, convenience and low cost, we are able to cater to all taste with our unique cocktail blends and our premium icey mixes that combine your favorite drinks.

Please come and visit us at any future events or contact us and “see” why it’s good, the Tropical Island Slush way.

We can’t wait to serve you our icey creations.

Our Team