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Our Story

In 2012, having travelled to Miami, Raphael was inspired with an idea that he knew would be a perfect fit for the climate and culture of Trinidad and Tobago.  The sunny weather, numerous festivities and laid back vibe of the people, could be greatly complemented with an icy treat. 

When the idea was developed and the partnership formed, Raphael, Kareem and Haniel, started laying the foundation to drive Tropical Island Slush Company Limited to become the number one slushy/ cocktail drinks service in the island. Due to our mobility, convenience and low cost, they are able to cater to all with their unique cocktail blends and premium icy mixes that combine your favourite drinks.

Our Team

Raphael Stephen

Raphael is the general manager of TIS Co Ltd and is responsible for designing strategies, setting goals for growth, controlling budgets while optimising expenses, and ensuring employees are motivated and productive. With background in finance and entrepreneurship, his goal is to create a great brand that everyone can enjoy. “It is not about money for us, it is about creating an enjoyable experience while making memories with friends and family.”

Kareem Lewis

Kareem has that entrepreneurial spirit which was built upon the experiences gained from his early business ventures as a teenager. Though he has had established a number of start-ups over the years, he also maintains a Credit Analysis position at one the State Banks. He enjoys Fitness endeavours, football and most of all creating and developing anything from scratch. He is the head mixologist and operations manager at TIS Co. Ltd. He ensures all product are made to standard and equipment and well maintained and serviced.

Haniel Martino

Haniel’s the Technical Product Manager of TIS CO Ltd and responsible for the general direction of our online and web presence. With a background in Computer Science, his focus is geared towards digitizing our product offering to reach a wider audience across the Caribbean diaspora. At night, he’s a budding foodie (cc: aspiring Chef) and mixologist working both ends of his kitchen.